Using his experience in the world of menswear and getting inspiration from the history of craftsmanship behind the garments he admired, Patrick Van Heurck founded the Bellerose brand in 1989. The Bellerose brand takes its name from one of Van Heurck's trips to the United States. After discovering the village of Bellerose on Long Island, near New York, he decided to name his brand after this trip. The entire production of Bellerose Kids is designed in Belgium but the team searches for the best fabrics all over the world, thus creating comfortable and stylish children's clothing for children aged 4 to 18, based on the idea of creating unique and memorable garments. The mix and match of different fabrics, of masculine and feminine, of oversized and slim fits, of 90's vibes with retro chic is present in every piece of Bellerose Kids clothing, playing with opposites and making unique pieces that are never boring and break the rules. Discover exclusively the unique Bellerose Kids clothing on