Montelpare Tradition

With roots in the Marche region, the birthplace of most Made in Italy footwear, the Andrea Montelpare brand has been creating luxury children's shoes for more than two decades. For years, the team's expert shoemakers have dedicated themselves with skill and enthusiasm to handcrafting luxury and beautifully crafted children's shoes. Theirs is a rare wisdom, inspired by the value of handmade in Italy and forged on the experience of those who came before them. Andrea Montelpare's signature children's footwear reaches little customers all over the world, trying to convey to each one the same emotion that drives their work: the joy of discovery, the taste for design, the pleasure of a proper fit. Well-groomed children's footwear, conceived and made as an inescapable marriage of style and comfort, research and tradition, enlivens the windows of the finest international Specialty Stores and Department Stores, from Europe to the United States, from Russia to Middle Eastern countries, to Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea. Discover Andrea Montelpare designer children's footwear exclusively on