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Episode 1

CoccoleBirthday is a CoccoleBimbi project in which for the first time it tries its hand at organizing exclusive events and parties for the children of influential personalities who are part of its community. The role of CoccoleBimbi is to create a connection between the influencer and the brand with which it develops looks, unique clothes that will make them the protagonists of these special days. Cesare Morisco, therefore, takes care of the organization of the party at 360°, thinking about looks, food & beverage and communication. The first episode of CoccoleBirthday was held in Dubai, where Marie and Gaïa's birthday was celebrated with the Simonetta brand as an exceptional partner .

Lea Sfeir with Marie e Gaïa

The first episode of CoccoleBirthday features Marie and Gaïa as protagonists. We celebrated their birthday in their home in Dubai together with their mother, the influencer Lea Sfeir, Table Stylist and Content Creator for numerous luxury brands. Lea Sfeir with Cesare Morisco thought of the entire layout of the party, from the setup to the food, without leaving out any detail, making the event special and super exclusive.

Partnership with Simonetta

For the first episode of CoccoleBirthday, Cesare Morisco decided to involve Simonetta, a brand that has always brought made in Italy all over the world and which, for the On this occasion, he designed the dresses of the celebrates and the guests.
The extreme sophistication on the materials used and on the details of the small dresses, the highly innovative design, the perfect fit and the comfort are the elements that have distinguished the production of the Italian brand for more than 70 years.

Abiti CoccoleBirthday Simonetta

The Party

Dresses, dream locations and themed settings were the setting for Marie & Gaïa's birthday, making every moment unique and unforgettable. Mattel was also present among the partners, who paid homage to the birthday girls and guests with fantastic gifts such as Barbie, HotWheels and many others.

Party Highlights

The exclusive invitation to Marie & Gaïa's party
Marie & Gaïa wear Simonetta's clothes
The long-awaited gifts from Mattel
Memorable details
Together with the guests
Happy Birthday!
It's snack time
Mattel amazes Marie
A shot among the flowers
Princess corner
Personalized dust bags