Diesel was born from the creativity of Renzo Rosso, who as a young boy began sewing and selling his first jeans to friends and schoolmates. The brand was born from the desire to have a simple, effective name that was the same all over the world, from the desire to create an alternative product line to those that already existed. Diesel's strength and success is based on being realistic, but also on the courage and risk of opening up to new ideas, breaking the mould of a world that wants us all to be the same. Why should all the fun be reserved for grown-ups? This is the question Renzo Rosso asked himself when he created the Diesel Kids line in 1984, initially inspired by his own children. Rather than dressing the little ones as miniature adults, Diesel took inspiration from the imagination of children, resulting in a collection of fashionable clothes that are worn with great satisfaction and fun, but always with an eye on the main adult line. The collections size range goes from Baby (3 to 36 months) to Junior (4 to 16 years) and includes a full range of accessories including shoes, bags and belts.