Gallucci Kids

Gallucci handed down the philosophy and tradition of Made in Italy from generation to generation, from 1959 to the present day: Luigi Gallucci founded a small shoe manufacturing activity in the Marche region, a region characterized by a strong passion for working of leathers. The real innovation concerns the combination of knowledge and know-how in the creation of healthy and comfortable shoes according to orthopedic principles with the most fashionable taste and style and traditional English-Parisian construction techniques. The latter, thanks to a strong innovative vision and a constant research spirit in shoe construction techniques, studies the prestigious ""Goodyear"" workmanship in the smallest details to make it suitable for making shoes for the little ones. Today the Gallucci collections according to the Goodyear construction boast the distinction of being the only ones in the world covering the age range from 0 to 16 years. The historical knowledge of leather and processing techniques guarantee the realization of a product of the highest quality.