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Paade Mode

Paade Mode is a globally recognised luxury children's clothing brand where comfort is always in line with the latest trends to stand out and to be a mirror of the child's imagination. Founded by Linda Raituma, its first extravagantly collection garnered wide acclaim among fashion blogs and editors, and promised a bold start for the newly founded brand.

Paade Mode for Kids: edgy, sartorial looks at a high level
Founded in 2011 as a family-run childrenswear brand, today Paade Mode has become one of the leading slow-fashion brands throughout Northern Europe and sells in more than 20 countries. A conceptual and trendy brand that promises an edgy and tailored look of the highest standard, where casual is mixed with luxury and contemporary elegance.

High fashion and high street fashion details: the mix of Paade Mode Kids
Colour blocking, personalised embroidery, seamless knitwear, premium Japanese, Italian and Portuguese fabrics create the characteristic look of Paade Mode. Meanwhile, staying true to the core values of the brand's DNA - kids' personalities and sustainability. These are challenging rules for the creative team, with the main focus on the fact that the garment should be a well-cut canvas to fit the everyday needs of a modern family lifestyle, mixing and matching high fashion with high street fashion details. Clothes that can be worn to school and kindergarten, but that offer the possibility of attending a dinner party or a friends' party simply by changing a garment. Paade Mode is a mirror of children's imagination and dreams where anything is possible. The brand offers various styles of clothes, from tailored party wear to loose everyday wear, while maintaining attention to detail and to a modern lifestyle; coats and bomber jackets for kids, heavy, handmade knitwear, seamless comfort in cardigans and leggings, blazers and trousers for boys and striking accessories. Discover Paad Mode clothing exclusively on CoccoleBimbi and create your favourite looks.