The Birkenstock company was founded in 1774 in Germany by two brothers, Alex and Christian Birkenstock. At the beginning, the products were mainly sandals with distinctive cork silhouettes and rubber soles, capable of adapting to the shape of the wearer's foot. The founder, Johann Adam Birkenstock, began this adventure by being a shoemaker, later the company began producing trademark sandals in the 1960s, with the Birkenstock Madrid model being the first one. A few years later, Birkenstocks also became popular in the United States, and, since then, the Birkenstock brand has been steadily growing. In the last decade the brand has also undergone a revolution in style, much more eye-catching in both details and colors, taking it to a level of importance never achieved before. While they were once considered only comfortable and healthy footwear, they are now considered fashionable footwear even for toddlers. Children's two-strap sandals are the perfect everyday and leisure allies because they combine a firm fit with perfect comfort and support children's feet as they grow thanks to the original Birkenstock footbed. Scroll through the exclusive collection of Birkenstock sandals for kids and shop online at