Would you like to make a return?


If you are not satisfied with your purchase, unworn items can be returned for an item exchange and size change by creating a voucher of the same value as the returned item.
In the event of a cash refund, this will take place within 14 working days of receipt of the goods in our warehouses. The shipping costs for returns in the event of an exchange of size or item, or in the case of a refund request, are borne by CoccoleBimbi for orders over £300 including VAT.

Returns methods

The return procedure is very simple and fast and can only be carried out after receiving the order. It will not be possible to carry out the return procedure if your order is still in transit or not delivered.
If you are a registered customer, simply access your account, in the "My orders" section, select the order you wish to return and click on "Return".
If you have made a purchase as a guest, you can request a return by accessing this page (
You will have access to a return form to be completed independently.
To get started, you need to enter your order number or shipment tracking number. You can then select one or more items you wish to return and the reason for the return request. Check the correctness of the address from which to make the withdrawal and finally click on "Return". If the return request is accepted, you will receive Return Instructions and the Return Label to be printed.

Terms & Conditions

In order for the return and refund procedure to be successful, the returned products must be compatible with the following conditions:

The security seal on the items to be returned must not be cut or broken.
The garments must not have been worn, washed or altered and must not show any signs of use.
Each garment must be returned including all the original labels, packaging and accessories (hangers, garment covers, etc.) received with the order.
All footwear and accessories must be returned together with their original box, considered to all intents and purposes an integral part of the product.
In the event that you receive it defective, or that errors occur in shipments by CoccoleBimbi, we ask you to follow the same instructions as above.
All returned items are inspected and must comply with all the parameters listed in the return procedure.
For hygienic reasons, returns of products in contact with intimate parts will not be accepted. Therefore, returns of underwear, bikinis and swimsuits without the hygiene sticker, stockings, lucky shirts, tights and socks will not be accepted.

CoccoleBimbi reserves the right to refuse unauthorized returns.

Refund methods

In the event of a refund, this will take place within 14 working days of receipt of the goods in our warehouses after having verified their good condition. The refund will be paid through the same payment method with which the purchase was made. In case of cash on delivery, please contact our customer service via the contact form, Whatsapp or via Live Chat. The refund will be paid by bank transfer which must be made out to the customer who placed the order. If the customer who placed the order does not have an IBAN in his name, he will have to send a signed proxy and a copy of the Identity Document authorizing the provision of the refund to third parties.

Boutique shipping address

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