Travel is the distinctive element of the Alanui brand, which in Hawaiian means 'the great journey', and it was during a trip to California and a road trip that the brand's two creators, Carlotta and Nicolò Oddi, decided to create their first single-product collection. The oversized cashmere jacquard cardigan, handmade in Italy with high quality yarns, is recreated exclusively in a Mini-me version, giving life to Alanui Kids. Each garment takes 11 hours to get knitted, and is made unique by the interweaving of 4 to 8 threads of different, warm, enveloping colours. Colours, patterns, nature, even the typical smells of a place, inspire the two creators of Alanui for Kids, creating a path that pays tribute to different cultures and worlds. With each show, the brand tells a story, a story of travel, a story of freedom, a story of sensations. Their collections are always full of fantasy and innovation. The garments are extremely colourful and distinctive, but they all convey the idea of freedom and the desire to discover that are at the heart of the brand.